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Thursday, November 3, 2011


The past two Halloweens we've made Little J's costume (he was Charlie Brown as a baby and Super Mario last year) but I was having a hard time coming up with ideas. I decided to ask around to see if anyone had costumes we could borrow. Lots of people did and the first ones we tried worked. Little J was all set to be a monkey and Baby K a lion. If we had had a party to go to this year I would have dressed up as a zoo keeper.

We tried explaining Halloween to Little J. I think he understood that he had to wear his costume and then go ring doorbells, say trick-or-treat and then you get candy. We practiced saying "trick-or-treat" over and over.

I really didn't have high hopes for Halloween this year. Both Baby K and Little J have colds and it's hard to convince Little J to do anything so I didn't think he'd wear his costume.

Along came Monday evening. J
somehow convinced Little J to get his monkey suit on so I quickly crammed Baby K into her lion suit. We went outside and met up with the neighbours.

Little J was quite shy at first but after a while he got bolder and even took a bunch of candy from one house.

It was fun seeing Little J and his friend A together. They were walking between houses holding hands, my little monkey and his giraffe friend. Oh man it was adorable.

Baby K didn't last very long so I took her in and started dinner. J brought Little J in not long after. Little J was loving his bucket and all the little chocolate bars. He didn't eat any candy but I think he had fun. Next year will be even better when Baby K can run around too.

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