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Thursday, November 17, 2011

9 months

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Big month for Baby K: She started walking! I'm one proud mama. She had another cold
right around Halloween (I'm blaming Little J for bringing it home) but still got dressed up and went out. She's into everything and we're having to re-babyproof things, like not leaving the toilet paper within her reach. Stuff like that that Little J used to get into but now could care less. Cupboards are also very interesting to her and I have to be careful to remember to flip over Little J's stool because she'll climb it.

She is suddenly more interested in toys and books and gets upset when Little J takes her toy. You can't just grab what she's holding and give her something else without her noticing. She likes to dance and bops along with the music.

She has started playing strange and being very clingy some times. I understand when we're out at a busy playgroup with lots of strangers but it happens around people she knows too.

She absolutely loves our cat Sandy. She wants to grab at her and giggles when she gets close. Sandy is desperate for attention and will put up with a lot of grabbing.

Baby K waves and points a lot now and added clapping and putting her arms up if you say "winner" (just like Little J used to do). A couple weeks ago she took a few steps here and there and then last Saturday she walked across the room. This week her bottom left tooth cut the gum and just the other day she started babbling.

Last month Baby K was just starting to let go while standing. She started letting go more often and then started trying to step between things. She got faster at cruising along couches and coffee tables. She took a few steps to walk around me when I was sitting on the floor and then walked right across the living room while J and I were out. Now she can stand up without having to pull up on anything and walks more often. She's still quite wobbly and looks like she's had a few drinks, but she's really determined. She is often very controlled and lowers herself to the ground to get a toy, but she also falls on her bum quite a bit. She very rarely falls forward on to her hands and sometimes she has pretty bad spills.

Baby K also started blowing raspberries and babbling BA and BLA sounds.

You can tell Baby K gets annoyed with pureed food sometimes and that's when we throw a bunch of puffs or cheerios on her tray. She loves to eat though and is getting better at chewing but she still gags. She's mastered the pincer grasp and is good with a sippy cup most of the time. She breastfeeds 6-8 times a day.

We made such progress last month but I feel like we've taken a step back. I'm going to blame it on Baby K being sick and teething and learning new things and the time change. It's rare for her to sleep through the night these days and sometimes she's up 3 or 4 times. Sometimes she's up for the day at 4:30am. We just never know.

We were quite happy when Baby K went to sleep the two nights we left her with J's family. It wasn't as simple as putting her in her crib 'sleepy but awake' like all the parenting books say, but she slept and we were able to enjoy some time away.

Baby K's appointment is next week so I'll know her weight and height then. She has been slowly growing out of her 6-12 month clothing, mostly in the length though the cloth diapers don't help. Her diapers are still on the same snaps (tightest without overlapping).

I am never going to do that yoga class I keep talking about though getting out for two evenings this month was nice.

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