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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Valleyview Little Animal Farm

Last week we took the kids to Valleyview Little Animal Farm one morning. I've seen this place since I was a little kid because we used to drive by on the way to visit my cousins and I've heard good things from friends who have been recently. I was happy when J was off and it was open (they aren't open Mondays which he has off every second week).

The first stop was a little barn with goats and sheep, rabbits and birds and a little pig. Little J was scared by a loud goat at the Experimental Farm this summer and still talks about how he's scared of goats but he went right up to them. Now he'll tell you that he's scared of sheep too. He loved throwing hay into the pens.

IMG_4441 - Copy (Medium)

We passed some turkeys and other birds, ducks, donkeys and llamas, and even emus. Little J wasn't super interested in the animals and then we got to the park. He was in heaven. It was a huge area with lots of different structures and slides and things to climb and push. He ran around, wanting to climb on everything, go down all the slides, jump off benches and turn wheels. The price of admission was worth it just to go to that park. Incredible.

IMG_4457 (Medium)

I left J and Little J at the park so I could go to the main barn and feed Baby K. On the walk to the barn, I passed more animals and lots of little barns full of old farm equipment. The farm also offers hay rides but we were out of time.

We packed the kids back in the car and headed home.
Ever since, Little J has been asking to "go see animals". I think it's safe to say that he had a good time. We'll have to go back when Baby K is older and can run around with her brother.

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