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Friday, October 28, 2011


I had an epiphany. I'm more clear-headed these days thanks to the amount of sleep I'm getting. I have my little girl to thank for that. She's been sleeping 8 hours straight most nights and actually slept 12 straight hours two nights ago. This is what it's like to feel human.

So my epiphany, it has to do with me. How I am. How I do things. Like housework and cooking. I joke that J and I need to get a wife, you know, someone who cooks and cleans. Someone who isn't me.

If there's one house-y thing I'm good at, it's laundry. I do laundry every day. I do laundry often enough that J wears the same 3 shirts on rotation but they're always clean. Aside: J's system for clean clothes is a pile on top of his dresser which means he has easy access to the shirts on top, aka the ones he wore yesterday and the day before.

The other thing I'm decent at, and even proud of, is that I'm not embarrassed when people come in our house unexpectedly. I'm pretty good at keeping things under control but I also don't really mind if you see a pile of papers that need sorting or kids toys on the floor. Those kinds of things. Plus I really hope my kids distract you enough with their cuteness (both) or their incessant HI!s (Little J).

Keeping things under control, for me, means doing certain things every day and I guess I can be a bit obsessive about it. Like I said, I do laundry every day. This is somewhat necessitated by a little one in cloth diapers, but still, laundry really isn't something that bothers me. I also make our bed every day, I put our shoes and coats away when we come in, I clean the kitchen up after every meal, and I'm really picky about wiping up my kids and their chairs after they've eaten. I've gotten better at sweeping up after meals too now that Baby K likes to crawl around under the table and put everything in her mouth. Stale cheerio, don't mind if I do!

What I'm not good at is everything else. Don't look closely at the kitchen or the bathrooms, I haven't dusted in who knows how long and vacuuming only happens when the stars align (I'm already showered for the day and J takes both kids out of the house). Cooking isn't something I enjoy, it's something that needs to be done. I rely on easy meals and we eat the same few things over and over.

But I think I've realized how to tackle what I'm not good at. I've read about setting days of the week to tackle different chores and grocery shopping one day, cutting up veggies the next, cooking all at once and freezing meals. That so isn't me. I end up missing a day, and then another, and then a week has gone by and nothing is done and I'm off the bandwagon. Kraft dinner and hotdogs for everyone. Again.

What can work for me, at least I like the idea, is to make a list (I love me a list!) and just do the next thing on the list whenever I can. I think this is going to revolutionize the way I keep house.

"Keep house"... I say that like I'm an adult. With responsibilities. When did I grow up?

Anyway, I'm going to try my list idea. I'm going to continue doing what I'm good at and try to get better at everything else. Domesticity, here I come. J, you're welcome.

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