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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sleep training

It's been a long few weeks now that Little J has stopped napping. Because of that, I'm having a hard time getting Baby K to nap. Let's just say that we're a little run down and need some time to figure things out.

Part of figuring it out is getting Baby K on a better sleep schedule. Enter: sleep training. We're lucky to have a long weekend and even luckier that J was able to book some extra time off so we have a week together.

We started Baby K's sleep training last night and it went really well. She was fed and put in her crib awake to fall asleep on her own. She was crying so J went in after 5 minutes, picked her up and calmed her down and put her back down (the pick-up put-down method of cry-it-out that we used for Little J when he was Baby J). Before ten minutes had passed she was asleep.

The second part of our sleep training plan is to get her to sleep through the night. She's done it before but still regularly gets up twice - once before midnight and once around 4am. Last night I fed her at 11pm and J got up with her at 4am. She was asleep almost right away and lasted until 6:30am. It was a decent night but ideally she won't wake up after a few nights.

The last part of the plan involves napping and it's the trickiest part. We do have a pretty good schedule day to day but it isn't strict enough that Baby K could get two naps at the same time every single day. I'm not sure what to do about that.

Really, all I want is for my little girl to be able to sleep well and be able to fall asleep by herself. It worked with Little J and hopefully it will work with Baby K. And hopefully in the next week.

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