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Monday, October 31, 2011

Goodbye October

There goes that month. All of a sudden it's Halloween and November starts tomorrow. What happened?

I'm seriously considering blogging every day during November (as part of NaBloPoMo) and wondering if I'm crazy. It'll be good for the blog, good for me, and will probably help me take notice of the days that are flying past me at an alarming speed.

Halloween was fun this year because Little J "got it". We've been coaching him: you dress up, you go next door, ring the door bell, say trick-or-treat and get candy. Little J's version: Abby's house, dingdoor, candy! More on that tomorrow.

The past few days have been a little crazy. Baby K decided it was time to take her first steps. She is not a walker, but she's getting there. She quite likes standing without leaning on anything and sometimes you just have to take a step or two when you do that. Fun times.

We also broke out the potty with Little J. I won't talk much about potty training for a few reasons, but Little J was showing some interest and I was freaking out so his potty "hadn't come in the mail". In reality, friends of ours lent us one that was sitting in the front closet, waiting for me to be ready. I've spent a lot of time sitting on the floor of the bathroom, reading and rereading the potty book. Not-so-fun times.

On top of walking and pottying, we're dealing with our first cold of the fall. It started with Little J (most colds do) and now Baby K is a snotty mess. I'm hoping J and I can fight it off, or at least stay healthy until the weekend.

This past weekend was nice. We saw my mom and scored great deals on some snowboard stuff at the Ski Show, had dinner with J's family and got Baby K napping decently.

Now that Halloween is done, I'm not sure what we'll get up to this week. Because of the colds though, we might just stick around home and maybe go to the park. Funny story: every night during dinner, Little J asks to go to the park.

Little J is going through the "I want" phase so him asking to go to the park is actually him saying "wanna go park!" louder and louder until we crush his dreams. We're nice like that.

I'm pretty sure if I do blog daily, you'll be reading more and more posts that are all over the place like this one. Hope that's okay!

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