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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catching up

We had a long week last week. J was back to work after a week off which is always hard on Little J - he misses his dad extra after seeing him so much. I tried to keep us busy by seeing people and doing things but it was still tough. Little J had a good time playing with his friends K&K Tuesday morning. He talks about them all the time so it was nice to see them. Plus I got to chat with their mom. Even if we talked mostly about our kids, it was still nice.

Wednesday we went to the science and tech museum with J's dad. Little J was excited to see the trains but I think he was disappointed when he found out it wasn't just a bunch of toy trains for him to play with. Regardless he had a good time running around the museum - trains, cars, space stuff, a snowmobile, a big play area. He got completely freaked out at one point when a demonstration was going on and a loud noise startled him. I scooped him up and hurried away with both my babies screaming, positive we were getting looks.

Thursday morning was a playgroup drop-in where we saw Little J's friend C. C and Little J were having a good time with some blocks at one point when some older boys started throwing the blocks at them. I was sitting nearby but nursing Baby K so it was interesting to watch for a bit. Our boys, two pretty rough and tumble little guys, got pretty upset with these older boys. Thankfully C's mom pulled the distraction technique and sorted everything out.

Friday we had no plans because you need that too. So the week was filled with friends and fun but the transitions were hard. I have a hard time getting Little J out the door but once we're out he doesn't want to come home. Plus, he won't nap for me unless he passes out in the car, a technique that is hit-or-miss and expensive on gas.

Then the weekend. Sigh of relief. Little J was happy to have his dad around and so was I. It was the kind of weekend that you breeze through, with lazy mornings together and fun at the park, hanging out with neighbours and fun with friends. We're so lucky to have some really great neighbours.

And I was lucky to have some time to myself when J took the little ones to the park. I managed to get so much done around the house. I think most cleaning, other than the regular day-to-day stuff, will happen at times like those.

Now that we're back to our regular routine and actually half way through the week, I can say that it started out rough but has gotten better. Little J cries out for his dad in the morning and getting the two of them to sleep during the day has been really hard. For some reason Little J has been really awful to Baby K lately and I do my best to deal with it but sometimes I'm at a complete loss. I ask him if he hit his sister and he says yes. I ask him if we should hit our sister and he says yes. Huh? So we have some work to do.

But right now, when everyone is tucked in bed, I'll put my nose in a book and try to forget about everything, even if it's only about 5 minutes before I'm passed out myself. And then we'll do it all over again tomorrow.

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  1. The stamina you have is amazing! The hitting thing would be hard to explain to a little guy. I hope he figures it out soon for you!

    Your adventures sound aawesome and if you got any looks at the museum I'm betting they were admiring ones, you're an awesome mom.