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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Last week I took the kids to one of the local universities' annual butterfly show. Little J was quite excited to see pink ones! And red ones! And blue ones!

It was a nice little activity and I'm glad we were able to go during the week because I'm sure it was much busier on the weekend.

IMG_4350 (Medium)

The university gets a ton of butterflies and releases them into the greenhouse. The greenhouse wasn't huge but it was packed with plants and there were butterflies everywhere. People were really good about showing Little J the butterflies that had landed on their orange slices. He was quite happy when he was able to peek over the ledge and see one up close.

IMG_4328 (Medium)

My only complaint was that it was so hot in there and pretty packed so I had Baby K strapped to my chest and I had to carry Little J most of the time. By the time we left I was pretty sweaty. It was worth it though because Little J loved it. I can't wait for next year when Baby K will be old enough to get it too.

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