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Monday, October 17, 2011

8 months

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A big month for sleep for Baby K. Otherwise, she's been working on speed and being cute. This little girl is everywhere, getting into everything, climbing stairs. She needs to be contained or watched very carefully. She is really starting to interact and play with Little J and loves to squeal when he runs around. They love being beside each other at meals and will wave back and forth.

Baby K is a waving machine. She loves to wave and seems to understand that people will wave back to her. She has also just started pointing.

Baby K is working on standing and often lets go of whatever she's holding on to. Often she'll fall to her bum or knees pretty quickly, but she's been standing for longer periods of time. She looks almost ready to take steps.

Thankfully Baby K doesn't gag nearly as often with solid food as she did last month so we've been giving her more and more, but still giving her purees too. She doesn't chew food once it's in her mouth and we have to dig out chunks all the time.

She has been eating so much food that she is less interested in breastfeeding. She's also quite distracted and needs complete silence to breastfeed so it happens less often during the day.

We started sleep training this month and I'm happy to say that Baby K has slept through the night ("through the night" in quotation marks because that can be such a loaded term). She will give me 9 hours in a row which is SO great. She also started being able to fall asleep not nursing and can put herself back to sleep if something wakes her up. I nurse her before bed and if she falls asleep that's okay. If she eats and still isn't asleep, I'll rock her a bit and then put her in her crib. The few times this has happened she has cried for 5 minutes when one of us goes in, but is asleep before we'd go in again (after 10 minutes).

Her naps are still all over the place and I'm not sure what to do about it because she won't fall asleep if I just put her in her crib. We just put up curtains in her room (the white blinds still let a lot of light in) and we're hoping that will help. She's been having lots of naps in the car or the snugli.

She's a solid girl and is officially done with 3-6 month clothing. She'll see the doctor again next month so I'll have her stats then.

I feel like a new person now that I'm sleeping better. It seems like breastfeeding is coming slowly to an end and it's interesting seeing how my body adjusts to Baby K's declining interest. Last month I wrote that I wanted more balance and I'm not sure I did enough about that. So my goal for the next month is to get more balance and I think it will involve actually going to a yoga class.

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