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Monday, September 5, 2011

My first manicure

I went for my first manicure the other week. It was my first for a few reasons. Growing up I was quite the tomboy and I used to bite my nails. I embrace pink things more now and I've (mostly) stopped biting my nails so a manicure wasn't out of the question.

But I have to say that I didn't much like it.

I didn't like facing the girl the whole time and holding my hands that way. I didn't like how she shaped my nails and how the polish started chipping almost immediately.

Before you go all "white whine" on me I just want to say that I'm sharing my experience. I'm glad to have had the opportunity but will be sticking with my regular, non-manicured nails from now on.

My toes on the other hand....

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  1. A pedicure I will pay for - I get my money's worth. But manicures feel like a waste of money - I really can't tell the difference between what you pay for and what I could do myself at home.