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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall bucket list

It has really cooled off the past few days. Fall is coming. The leaves are starting to fall off the trees, we had a frost warning the other night... you can smell it when you go outside.

Changing seasons is nice. Refreshing. But summer to fall is extra nice because wearing sweat pants becomes bearable again. Sweat pants, to me, are super cozy and after investing in a few good pairs (ones that I can wear out in public) I'm quite happy that it's cool enough to bust them out.

With the coming fall, I've been thinking a lot about things I want to do. Things I want to get done, or do with the kids, or make. I'm getting the urge to make pumpkin bread but who has time to bake? Who am I kidding?

I wanted to put together a list of all the things I want to do this fall. In no particular order....

- Visit a pumpkin patch, whether it's the same one we went to last year doesn't matter to me.
- Find a great new show to watch. I'm thinking Up All Night is a contender.
- Find some time to watch tv.
- Or do yoga.
- Or anything else that's just for me.
- Think of and execute cute Hallowe'en costumes for the kids.
- Make some freezer meals or find great crockpot recipes.
- Get some cheap but decent snowboard gear.
- Get the house better organized (I have lists of specifics that I won't bore you with.)

Anything else I should do? What are you doing now that it's getting cooler outside?

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