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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

7 months

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You'll see - this month was all about the physical milestones. Baby K literally took off and is now into everything. She's quite the little girl.


A few new things unrelated to physical development happened this month. Baby K has finally discovered her feet and will chew on her toes when she's being changed. Cute but not great for getting a diaper on. She has changed the way she positions herself while breastfeeding, putting her arm up near her head instead of by her side. And she now has enough hair to have bedhead, which I think is adorable.

Every month I make myself notes of things that my kids do so I remember when I go to write these monthly updates. This month was quite funny because Baby K went from rolling and army crawling to regular crawling and sitting on her own and pulling to stand. Quite incredible how quickly she got mobile. It started with her getting herself to a seated position. Then she was full on crawling. Then she was pulling herself to standing. Now she's slowly moving along the furniture and she can get up the stairs if you let her. For a while she would get on her hands and knees and put her bum in the air. She was practicing her yoga.

Because she could sit and pull up all of a sudden, we had to lower the playpen and then lower her crib. She pulls up on everything and is actually quite good at getting down, a skill it took her brother weeks to learn and even longer to master.

Now she's working on her crawling speed and I'm sure standing on her own isn't too far off. This was definitely a month full of bumps and bruises though.

Not much new about her eating. We're still giving her finger foods to play with and spoon feeding her purees. She seems to like everything we offer her. She is still breastfeeding, though the number of times and the duration have both decreased.

Food she's had: broccoli, pepper, cucumber, oat cereal, sweet potato, banana, carrots, cheerios
Purees: carrots, sweet potato, mixed veggies, vegetables and turkey, chicken, beef, pears, apples and strawberries, peas, green beans, peas, apples and plums, peaches

Next month we'll be working on giving her more and more table foods in hopes that she'll gag less and we can slowly move away from purees.


It feels like Baby K is sleeping a little more because she's up for less time to eat at night. I am still nursing her to sleep. I have to figure out a plan to stop it because going cold turkey would be too stressful for both of us.


At 6.5 months I took Baby K to the doctor for her 6-month appointment. She weighed 16 pounds 5 ounces and was 27.4 inches long. She is growing out of 3-6 month clothing and getting quite chubby. Her diapers fit the same (smallest setting without overlapping the tabs).

I'm at the point where I go between loving the way things are to longing for the day when I'm done breastfeeding. I am craving more time for myself and more time with J, but feel like most of my time is spent parenting. I think I just need more balance.

6 month post here)

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