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Thursday, September 15, 2011

24 months

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This is the last monthly update I plan on writing for Little J. He's 2 and his age is now counted in years instead of months, not that I ever said he was 22 months old or whatever. I think that stopped once he hit a year and a half.

Funny stuff, this mom business.

Anyways, his twenty-third month was a fun one. Little J is constantly amazing and impressing us with the things he knows. He waited until this month to get a summer cold. It wasn't too intense but it sure stuck around for a long time.

Little J's bottom molars broke through the gums. Only two teeth left. And I'm wondering if they'll be making an appearance soon. I want something to blame his poor mood on.

Little J can now drink out of a regular cup. Something he practiced with the lids to his bottles. He asks to brush his teeth but he really means "play with the water". He drags the stool he uses to get up on our bed from our room to the bathroom and will play in the sink for hours if you let him. There have been many tantrums trying to get him out of the bathroom.

Speaking of the bathroom, Little J started talking about the potty this month and I panicked a little. He isn't showing the signs of being ready to potty train and I had no idea how to go about it. Friends of ours came to the rescue and dropped off a potty for him to use. I was quite relieved when he stopped talking about it so the potty is sitting in the closet.

Little J will climb into our bed, hop under the covers and pretend to sleep. He even makes snoring sounds! He also grabs books and says STORYTIME! It's quite cute.

Little J surprised us this month by counting to 20. He doesn't always get it right, but he can do it. He can also count to 10 in Spanish (gracias Dora). He has also expanded his song repetoire and before his birthday we practiced the happy birthday song quite a bit so that he wouldn't cry when we sang to him. I've asked him a few times to read his books to me. It's interesting the things he notices.

The boy LOVES cake! He can be screaming to be let out of his eating chair but if you ask him if he wants cake, he'll enthusiastically say yes and happily eat his cake. He still drinks 3 bottles of milk a day but we've cut them down to 6oz each.

Little J loves his sister but doesn't love how mobile she has become. He doesn't like sharing his toys and quite often will smack his sister. We've been working on sharing, or at least giving her a different toy if she has one he wants. Sometimes he shoves her for no reason so we've also been working on gentle hugs and kisses (his hugs can be quite aggressive at times). When Baby K cries, Little J will say "it's okay baby" and he'll randomly say that's she's cute or pretty. Melt my heart.

Little J wasn't impressed having to see the doctor again. I had to hold the stethoscope for her and held a kicking and screaming little boy in my arms so she could check his eyes and ears. Everything looked good though. He weighs 28 pounds and is almost 3 feet tall. He is still wearing size 4 diapers and size 5 at night. He is wearing 2T clothing with some smaller and bigger stuff thrown in. He just moved up to a size 8 shoe - big feet!

Happy birthday, Little J!

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