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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Strange Feeling

There was a big blogging conference called BlogHer this past weekend. I read a lot of blogs by people who went to this conference and after reading the lead-up posts and now the post-conference posts and seeing all the pictures, I'm left feeling a little left out.

It seems like such a nice community of bloggers that got the chance to meet in person and spend a weekend going to events and having fun and getting free stuff. Is there anything like this in Canada? I follow some really great Canadian blogs and none of them ever mention it.

I think it's about time there was more publicity for Canadian bloggers. We need our own BlogHer.

Though I think reading about an awesome conference held in Canada with Canadian bloggers that I still didn't attend, would be worse in a way. I would feel like I missed out more than I already do.

PS. I also think Canada needs a Dora-equivalent so our kids can learn French instead of Spanish. Who's with me? C'mon Arriba!

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