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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

6 months = half a year

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Not quite as late as Little J's last monthly post, but still, I'm behind. Only thing to do is move forward. On to Baby K's 6-month post!

Baby K is super happy and super sweet. She's quite the little girl.

She is in cloth diapers 95% of the time and I have an update post on that coming up. This month she pretended to cut a tooth but I think she just scratched her gum with her nail. And her nails? They grow crazy fast. Her hair is growing too and the bald spot on the back of head is less noticeable these days.

She's spending a lot of time on the floor instead of the bouncer so she can move around as much as she wants. Sometimes babies will lose sleep practicing new skills if they aren't given enough time to practice and I don't want that to be us. She has started pinching. Not fun.

Baby K's rolling got better and now it's looking like she wants to sit up. In time, little girl.

Baby K, while still breastfed, is a hungry girl. We decided to start her on table food a little before her 6-month birthday. We started with bell pepper, broccoli, carrot and cucumber, but that wasn't enough getting to her belly so we started oat cereal too. She absolutely loves to eat. She grabs the sides of the highchair tray and leans in with her mouth wide open. Little J was not like this so we're quite enjoying her reaction to food.

Right near her 6-month birthday, we moved Baby K to her room at night. Until then she had been sleeping in the pack and play in our room. It was convenient for night time feedings. I was able to hear her rustling and get to her before she started crying. She transitioned well. She is still sleeping from about 8pm - 6am, waking up once or twice (or more on a bad night). She is napping in the morning if she can, a big nap early afternoon while Little J naps, and if not, another little one in the late afternoon if she can.

Right now we're struggling with her not being able to fall asleep without nursing. It's about time to figure out a good bed time routine.

Oh man, I have no idea! Because Little K had her 4-month appointment late, her 6-month appointment was pushed back too. She's definitely not a big girl, but she's getting kinda chubby. She's growing out of some of her 3-6 month clothing.

I'm enjoying seeing Baby K develop into her own little person and really enjoyed having this time with my babies.

(5 month post here)

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