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Thursday, August 25, 2011

23 months (almost two!)

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Oh my goodness, it has taken me forever to post this. In no time my little man will be two.

Little J's 23rd month was more of the same with a few new things thrown in. He's quite the little kid. He runs and plays and knows his colours and is starting to count and sing. He knows what he wants and especially what he doesn't want. He can ask for things nicely and almost always says please and thank you. He very compassionate and will help his little friends get up if they fall and kiss their knee if they scrape it. He loves his baby sister.

New things this month include lots of outdoor activities like swimming in the kiddie pool we got, and when I say swimming, I really mean standing in the pool and playing with his trucks. He isn't much of a sitter. He isn't fond of splash pads either but I'm sure it's because he's shy around other kids. At the cottage he surprised us with how easily he was in and out of he water, walking on the grass and sand and generally getting dirty. This is the kid who wouldn't touch grass last year. He's come a long way.

We had a few thunderstorms and now Little J is scared of thunder. I tried to make a game of saying boom after the thunder but he's still scared and talks about "tunder lightnin" all the time. Other loud noises scare him too.

We've entered the lovely world of MINE! which sometimes includes shoving whatever kid has "his" toy. I know it's typical toddler behaviour but I really don't like it. At the same time, he's getting bossy, telling us what to do and what not to do. He yells and throws tantrums when he can't have what he wants. Thankfully because he's able to communicate so well, overall he's been having fewer tantrums.

More new things in point form:
- Little J had another hair cut which went as well as most (i.e. horribly).
- We tried him in cloth diapers. J called them his "special diapers" but you could tell he didn't like the bulk between his legs.
- He got sick and puked on J. It was J's first time being on the receiving end like that.
- He gets in these moods where he'll kiss you and his bear and his sister. It's really cute.
- We've tried to be better at getting him to brush his teeth. He can do it but he prefers to suck water off his toothbrush.
- We took him to the Experimental Farm and met up with a bunch of kids all born in September 2009.
- After falling down the two stairs in our front hall, half the time he'll go down on his bum now.
- He's quite compassionate and will kiss things better, help up his friends when they fall.
- He tries to lift us up by grabbing a hand or arm and always yells at us to wake up if we have our eyes closed.

Little J has started saying Dora instead of Wora and really confused us for a while. His love affair with Dora seems to have ended and he will watch a bunch of other tv shows like Dinosaur Train, Thomas, Mickey Mouse and Backyardigans the odd time.

He can count to 10 and loves to sings the alphabet song, itsy bitsy spider, rain rain go away and ring around the rosey.

He asks for his friends and to go in the white car.

Little J's eating habits have gone downhill though he did try some new foods this month. When he was distracted at the cottage he drank a lot less milk and we've stuck with only 3 bottles a day since. his milk consumption went from about 5 9oz bottles a day to 3 6oz ones. A big difference and so he's been eating more food.

An annoying thing he started doing is pushing the bottle nipples inside out when he's done his milk.

Other than the odd time he hits his sister, he's really good with her. When he first sees her, he rubs her head gently. He hugs her and kissing her and tries to make her giggle. He still talks about how brave she is from when she got her shots two months ago. Often they'll giggle at each other when we're in the car.

I think Little J weighs about 26 or 27 pounds and am looking forward to getting his actual stats at his 2-year appointment. He is still wearing size 4 diapers, size 5s at night, and 2T clothing for the most part and size 7 shoe.

Okay! Done!

(22 month post here)

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