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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holy huge spider

I've seen live tarantulas and had a dock spider right next to me (they're huge!) so I've seen big spiders. But not in my house.

The other night, after feeding Baby K and putting her in her crib, I headed to the basement to put in a load of laundry. There on the stairs was the biggest spider I've seen (other than the tarantula and dock spider).

I jumped and ran to the garage where J was with a friend working on a car. Normally I would run past a spider or get the vacuum but this was not an ordinary house spider.

Even J thought it was huge. It took him three tries to kill it. And he took a picture of the thing before because it was so big.

Seriously, I get all shivery just thinking about it.


  1. Sooooo....picture please!
    I'm curious. Spiders, like most things, are cool until they pass a thresh hold of size. Same with birds. Chickadees are cute, but swans are evil dangerous finger eating machines!

    Maybe it's because Ontario is tropical this summer so now you have tropical sized insects?


  2. Like, three head shots? Damn, that is one intense spider.