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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A good day for shots

Before I tell you about Canada day and our first trip to the cottage with two babes, and a weekend with friends and all sorts of things that have pictures to go with them, I want to tell you about our day yesterday.

Yesterday was a normal week day in that J went to work and I was home with Little J and Baby K. The one thing on our schedule (I try to have something on the go 3 or 4 days a week) was a doctor's appointment for Baby K.

I got both kids in the car and headed to the grocery store where our doctor's office is. I put them both in a cart to get them from the car to the store then walked upstairs carrying Little J in one arm and Baby K in her seat in the other. I made Little J walk along the hallway upstairs. As soon as we got to the office and I got the door opened he stopped.

He definitely remembered the doctor's office. I had to carry him across the threshold (a word I've never used before) but he was fine while we were waiting. We read a book and then he played with the toys in the room. As soon as the doctor came in he stopped and started whimpering and crawled into my lap.

I tried to reassure him and told him we were there for his sister. I had to put him down so I could get Baby K ready and stroke her head while she got measured and checked over and weighed. I had her dressed again and in my lap ready for her shots, one to each leg. Little J was whimpering in the chair beside me.

As soon as he saw the needle he started crying. Baby K cried after both shots but not for long. Little J cried longer than she did and I left with two very unhappy babies. The crying stopped and we got some groceries, Little J chatting away about "Shots! Baby! Tough!" the whole time.

Apparently he thinks his baby sister is quite brave and has been telling everyone. I'm hoping that by bringing him to the doctor without him having to get shots will help him get better with it. Maybe he can be as tough as his sister.

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