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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Books. I love to read them but I don't like to own them.

I've always loved to read. I used to beg my parents for "one more book!" before bed and often stayed up late reading to myself. I always felt something was missing when I would get real busy with school work that I didn't have time for anything except textbooks.

When I was young, I remember asking my mom to help me learn my address and phone number so I could get my own library card. I was a shy kid and when I got the librarian's attention, I blurted out my deets and was embarrassed when she laughed and had me slow down and repeat myself.

We went to the library all the time growing up. It was just up the street. Kids library cards back then were green and you could take out 3 books at a time. I was jealous of my mom's gray card because she could take out 6. But because my brother hated reading, I always made him take books out on his card for me.

Years went by and I didn't go to a library unless I absolutely had to. Libraries were a place to "study" which never worked for me. I still read because my mom always had books for me to borrow. Once I moved out on my own and didn't see my parents as often, I started buying books between visits to have something to read.

We don't have a library in our area, but we do have the bookmobile. Our city library has a literal library on wheels - a big white bus that goes around to areas that don't have actual library buildings. The best part? You can go online and request books be sent to the bookmobile for you to pick up.

Seriously, the bookmobile is perfect. I get to read books without having to buy them, interesting books get brought right to me (practically, the bus parks at a school down the main street in my area), and it's free. The only downside is that the bookmobile comes once a week for about half a day and if you miss it, you miss it. My $2.00 fine in overdue fees this past year was worth it for not having to pay for a book again.

What about you? Do you buy books? Do you like to read? That's a serious question because J doesn't. He's probably read less than 10 books since we've been together. Do you go to the library?


  1. Oh wow! It has obviously been a while since I've clicked to your actual blog rather than reading through my Google Reader! I like the template :)

    You know I'm a voracious reader. I love reading. Perhaps more than movies or television because I feel like I'm an active participant when reading as opposed to just watching. I think you need to have a vibrant imagination and a strong ability to visualize in order to enjoy reading. I wouldn't have the patience for a bookmobile ... though I see the value, for sure! I'm surprised, actually, that you DON'T have a library branch near where you live. Shame! I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by them, so I'm always filling my bike basket :)

  2. I LOVE to read and I pretty much have to read before bed. We have a library down the street and my mom works there (if she takes books out for me, no late fees! woo!) I got an e-reader recently (less weight for travelling) so I've been buying more than I used to, but it's a bit cheaper.
    ps. Any good books you've read recently? I always need suggestions!

  3. @T: It definitely has been a while! I don't blame you. I hardly get to the actual blogs anymore.

    There is a branch in the town 10 minutes south of here and I'll go there if I miss the Bookmobile and have a book overdue.

    @Mel: I use Goodreads (see link on the right) to keep track of all the books I've read. I'm half way through Little Bee. It's good so far. I would definitely recommend The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson.