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Thursday, July 21, 2011


It's been a long time since I've done a confession post. Here's one:

I hate having unread emails in my inbox. Even spam. It's not so bad with my personal email because I keep on top of it, but at work, especially after a holiday or something, it was really annoying. And with the system we used at work, the unread ones were red, mocking me.

I'm the same way with unread posts in my Google Reader. I tend to get it down to zero unread more than once a day and if I find I can't, I find some feeds to delete.

Anyone else get a little crazy with unread emails or posts?


  1. Same craziness over here.

    When I get really behind on my greader, I will mark read "items older than one day". Feels awesome.

    Sean does not have this same obsession. He has lots of unread emails. Drives me mental.

  2. Man, you struck a chord here. I'm a clean-inbox freak as well. Being on vacation with internet access is really hard for me because my mental rule to avoid work-related email is directly conflicting with my desire to have an empty inbox.

    Had a boss once who just left every single email in his inbox and used 'search' whenever he wanted something more than a day old. I wouldn't have been able to stand it. (Computer: "You have 14984 emails in your inbox. Would you like to archive them now?" - Him: "No of course not. How do I turn this archive thing off?" - Me: *sigh*)