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Friday, July 8, 2011

Canada Day recap

Let's get on with my Canada Day recap, you know, before it gets too late, like August or something.

If I were still pre-kids and interested in drinking lots and going downtown for fireworks, this year would have been particularly good. The weather was amazing and the Royal couple was visiting so the crowds would have been huge. Probably some great parties that night. But here I am, in my 30s with 2 kids, so I got out of dodge, never once considering a trek to the city center.

In the morning we walked down to the community center in our area. There was a big event with balloons and fun stuff for kids and firetrucks! Firetrucks! with an exclamation because Little J LOVES firetrucks! He got to meet some firemen and go in a firetruck. He was in heaven.

He's such a shy little guy so he wouldn't actually go in any of the bouncy fun things that were there (apparently he was so young that he was only allowed to go in 2 of them anyway). He stood in the doorway of a bouncy house with ball pit for a long time before we moved on. He did love the play structure though and went down the slide a lot.

We saw so many people we knew. Our little area is really great for young families and I'm looking forward to going to the community center again next year, but with two little ones running around.

After a quick lunch we packed up the car and headed out of town for the cottage. The idea was that both kids would sleep in the car for the 2-hour drive because we had a busy morning and it was nap time. No such luck. And not even was Little J not sleeping, he drank so much milk he puked all over himself. First time we've experienced that and it was nasty.

Even without a nap, Little J did pretty okay. We got to the cottage in one piece. J's parents and sister and S&L&r were there. Little J went right for the water and spent a lot of the weekend in the lake at on the beach. Turns out my delicate flower who hates even sitting in grass let alone walking on it, was all over the place getting dirty and wet and sandy.

That night, the boys slept through the fireworks after fighting sleep for a while. I was lame-o and was already asleep when they started and was woken up. Baby K slept through them too.

More on the cottage weekend once we get our computer fixed and I can post the pictures. Basically though it was fun but so different with a very active toddler and a still-very-needy baby. I don't think we'll be going up this summer just the 4 of us.

And that was our Canada Day. Happy birthday, Canada.

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