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Monday, July 11, 2011


Yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary. We celebrated by going out to dinner Saturday night. It was our first time out sans kids in a long time. I'm going to guess a wedding last October was the last time.

We didn't go far or for long, but we went, just the two of us, out for a nice dinner. We both had a beer and shared an appetizer. J had a big steak and I had a fun strawberry/mango/kiwi chicken salad and we split a dessert. We were both super stuffed but content.

We got home and listened to the silence that greeted us. Incredibly, J's sister SJ was able to get Little J cleaned up after dinner and get him to bed, and feed Baby K and get her to sleep. She is SO GREAT with our kids and so sweet for coming over so we could go out.

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