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Monday, July 25, 2011

5 months

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There are a few comments we hear often when it comes to our little girl: "She looks like you." and "She's so happy!" I don't think she looks like me but I do know she's a super happy baby. She cries, but so does everyone.

This month we really saw Baby K start to adore her older brother and Little J really take a liking to his little sister. She watches him all the time, often with a smile on her face. He can make her giggle and the two of them share moments all the time. It makes my heart melt.

Baby K started rolling but not because I gave her lots and lots of time on her stomach or anything. Nope, she spends a lot of her time in the bouncer or the crib or playpen, in the stroller or snugli, or asleep. She started doing a weird thing while eating, pulling away and pulling her head up while looking down. Took me a bit to realize she was working on her neck muscles and probably could use some tummy time. As soon as I put her down she rolled over. She basically told me she was ready. Interesting. Now she's a rolling machine and spends a lot of time on her stomach, especially now that I put her on the floor more often.

She spent a bit of time on this mat thing we have looking down at some plastic fish in a water pocket. Anyway, she had her arms crossed underneath her and she was happily chewing on her arm. She managed to give herself a hickey! Her hands are always in her mouth, unless she contorts and gets a foot in there. She sucks her thumb when she's hungry, especially if it's taken me a while to get to her and she's cried a bit.

I'm happy to say that her cradle cap is almost completely gone after putting some baby oil on her head. With it went most of her hair but at least that will grow back.

We took Baby K to the cottage for the first time. It was her longest car ride yet and could have gone better but it also could have gone worse. She was fine at the cottage. We put her on the swings at the park for the first time too and got some really big smiles. She also had her first trip to the hospital (wow, I just remembered that she wasn't born in a hospital so it really was her first time in one) to get an ultrasound of her hips to make sure they're all in place properly. They are.

The biggest milestone this month is the rolling. Baby K has been rolling from her back to her sides since birth but now she can roll on to her stomach and back again. She moves all over the place and managed to roll off the bed on me. Only once though!

Baby K is still only breastfed despite many many offerings of cow's milk and cheerios from her brother. The best part is that we've gotten better and she's gaining weight and happy and I'm in less pain. She eats about 6 times a day.

I pumped some milk a few times and Baby K took the milk from a bottle. She will even hold the bottle herself, like the pro eater she is. This bodes well for J and I getting some time away from our kids.

No change in the past month. Baby K is still sleeping from 9ish until 2, 3, or 4 and then up at 6 or 7. She sleepy eats in the morning and sometimes naps in the stroller or snugli. She has a big long nap while Little J naps in the afternoon and then goes to bed. She's still sleeping in the playpen in our room but we're thinking of moving her to the crib in her room for the first part of the night at least. After feeding her, I might put her in the playpen or keep her in bed with me. We'll see how it goes.

At her appointment Baby K weighed 13 pounds 14 ounces and was almost 26 inches long. She is almost exactly the same size Little J was. She is wearing 3-6 month clothing for length and to accommodate her fluffy cloth-diapered butt. When she is in disposables, they're size 2.

I feel like I've come out of the fog that was the sleep-deprived first few months of Baby K's life. I'm still trying to figure out how to fit chores into the day, but I've been keeping up on laundry and enjoying time outside with my family.

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