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Sunday, July 24, 2011

22 months

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This was a pretty good month for our little man. His first whole month at home with me and his sister during the day. We kept busy by going for walks and having people over. We saw our families lots and spent lots of time outside with the neighbours. Summer is great for playing after J gets home from work.

This month Little J learned the art of making farting sounds with his mouth on his hand or arm. I'm glad he quickly forgot about that but it made J quite proud. He must have heard us when we "talk" to Sandy and now he calls for her and makes a clicking noise. He's also quite gentle with her now and has a few opportunities to stroke her when she hasn't run away.

He's getting more mobile if that's possible. He can go up and down stairs without holding on, he can jump pretty high and is a master at scrambling along his play structure. He's fearless and has had a few falls from the play structure and is constantly running too fast and wipes out. Lots of cuts and scratches from the driveway, but don't worry, he's TOUGH! and is always okay. Either way, I'm going to get some fun bandaids because I can imagine we'll be needing them before the summer's over.

We took Little J to the Experimental Farm where he saw all sorts of animals. He loved it except when a particularly loud goat scared him. We also went up to the cottage for the first time this year and found out that Little J LOVES the water and wasn't afraid to get wet/dirty/sandy even though he's been known to cry when touching grass.

The language explosion continued this month. Little J is now stringing words together and is adding adjectives. He understands the concept of colour and takes every opportunity to practice. He knows the sounds that all the animals make and demands we quiz him. We've had to make up some sounds to keep him interested. He knows the main body parts and we're starting to teach him others (elbows and ankles are the latest). He says his name and his sister's name. He can count to 10 but almost always counts ONE-TWO-ONE!

No big changes when it comes to food or drink this month. Little J eats okay - some meals he eats well and others he eats only one thing. Still drinks lots of milk, still out of a bottle.

Little J and Baby K have developed a nice little bond. Every morning Little J will ask about his little sister and when he sees her he gently rubs her head. They often smile and giggle at each other. There are still times when Little J is a little rough or shows a little jealousy but not very often.

Nothing new to report. Little J will go to the doctor for a check up when he turns 2 in September. (Size 2T clothing, size 4 diapers, 5s at night, size 7 shoe.)

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