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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Little J calls our backyard the park because we have a play structure. We were playing at the "park" Friday before dinner. It was wet outside and I had Baby K in the snugli under an umbrella and J was running around, chasing Little J, pushing him in the car and playing.

J was also running in and out of the house making dinner and one of the times he was inside, Little J was at the top of the slide yelling for his dad. He was standing up and quite perturbed by his dad not being there.

A distracted kid at the top of a slide.

I started making my way over when he took a header off the slide. He fell face first onto the ground. I got to him by the time the crying started, you know, after the long bit of silence when you know it's going to be quite the cry. I scooped him up and held him tight to my chest beside his sister who only woke up for a second or two.

He cried and he cried but he was remarkably unhurt. I guess the grass was soft enough after the rain to cushion his fall.

That wasn't the first time Little J has fallen and it probably won't be the last thud we hear this summer.

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  1. We often here the dreaded seems no matter how careful you are kids always manage to wipeout....last night I mopped the floors and told K not to of course she ran and wiped out!