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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

On September 8th 2009 J became a father. That was almost two years ago, and now with two kids, he is more than amazing. I always knew he was going to be a great dad and I was right.

IMG_3382 (Medium)

If you've ever seen him with Little J or Baby K, you'd agree with me. It started with him basically taking over feeding Baby J when he was first born to us co-parenting Baby J pretty equally to us using man-on-man coverage when Baby K was born. For the first 2 months of Baby K's life, J took care of Little J and took care of me so that I could take care of Baby K. He was our rock and without him none of us would have been fed or clothed or happy.

_MG_3463.CR2 (Medium)

In all of this he hasn't lost who he is. Obviously life has changed since we had kids and so our priorities have changed, but J has maintained his strong family ties, his friendships and his hobbies. It's quite impressive really.

IMG_3201 (Medium)

J is impressive and my little ones are lucky to have him as their dad.

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