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Monday, June 27, 2011

Experimental Farm

On one of J's days off, we took the kids to the Experimental Farm. We knew that Little J loved the animals at a petting zoo at another event we went to so we were sure he'd love the farm. We were right!

It was lucky that L was home with Little R (formerly Baby R) that day and met us there. We saw horses and cows outside and then went inside to see some sheep and goats. Little J went right up to each goat and sheep and baa'd loudly at them. He was completely surprised when one goat bleated back at him. So surprised that he cried. It was sad but funny. My little man so scared of a goat.

_MG_3793.CR2 (Medium)

IMG_3394 (Medium)

The boys quickly checked out the chickens and bunnies before dashing over to the giant play structure. A little bit of rain could not stop them from having fun.

We went into another building on the farm and after walking past all sorts of big cows (man, are they ever big!) we went and saw the baby cows. Again, Little J went up to each cow and moo'd at it. Thankfully none of the cows moo'd back so there were no more tears.

Baby cows
IMG_3405 (Medium)

We realized we had missed the pigs so we had to walk through the sheep and goat area again and again Little J got upset. Who can blame him, the goats were really loud. The pigs were all asleep but they still got oink'd at.

After that we went to see the outside pens with goats and sheep and a donkey.

Boys and outside goats
IMG_3422 (Medium)

Little J had never seen a donkey but quite liked him. This is where he saw a seagull on the other side of a fence and squeezed through the opening and ran! J had to hop the fence and run after him. Always an adventure with Little J around.

Baby K was a trooper the entire time we were there. She happily chewed on the straps of the stroller until finally falling asleep at the pigs.

We had a great morning at the farm and I'm sure Little J will love it if we go again.

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