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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A day in the life

I thought it would be interesting to write out what a typical day looks like now that I've sorta figured it out. I know things change and it'll be interesting how our routine changes as Baby K gets older.

So this is what my day looks like:

7am: J leaves for work. Baby K is often awake and Little J starts calling from his crib. I go in and give him a new bottle of milk, change his diaper and get him dressed and bring him to my room. I feed Baby K while Little J drinks his milk and we watch a movie. No Dora allowed upstairs!

8am: We head downstairs and have breakfast. Little J normally runs around for a bit while I get things ready. Baby K is in her bouncer right by the table.

9am: We go to the basement so Little J can play and watch Dora while I feed Baby K.

10am: We play outside in the backyard. Baby K naps in the snugli while I make sure Little J isn't eating rocks or falling off the play structure.

12pm: We go inside for lunch. Again, Little J runs around while I get things ready. Baby K is in her bouncer and normally Little J gives her all sorts of cars and other toys.

1pm: Little J goes down for a nap and I feed Baby K and let her nap on my lap. I have a hard time moving her without waking her up so I normally catch up on my Google Reader and chat with J.

3:30pm: Little J wakes up and calls out from his room. I get him, change his diaper and get ready to take him outside.

4pm: We go for a walk in the stroller. J is normally home when we get back and we stay outside so Little J can play. Our neighbours also have kids so the driveway is full of toys and trucks and balls with kids running around everywhere. It's fun.

6pm: Dinner as a family with Baby K in the bouncer or jumperoo beside us.

7pm: We head upstairs for bath time (if Little J is messy) and playtime. Normally there's a lot of running around and screaming and jumping and giggling and some reading. Little J is in bed before 8pm. I feed Baby K and then shower with her in the bouncer. J goes downstairs to clean up the kitchen and tidy up all the toys.

9pm: I feed Baby K until she falls asleep and transfer her to the playpen. I get a bit of time to myself so I can do laundry or get caught up on sorting pictures or sit and watch some tv with J.

10pm: I go to bed because I'm exhausted. Baby K still gets up at night. If I'm lucky she gets up once and we all sleep well. A bad night is when she's up 2 or 3 times and Little J is up too. J takes care of Little J when he wakes up.

7am: We do it all again.

The days are pretty repetitive but Little J really thrives with the structure and routine. And that's what a typical day looks like.

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  1. Why do children eat rocks? Do you think yourself a bird?
    Yours has the power of speech. Can you ask him on my behalf?