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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

21 months

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The biggest change in Little J's life this month was leaving daycare and staying home with me and Baby K. It's been a learning experience and quite the change for all of us. I think he adjusted pretty well but I struggled with his routine and our meals and still can't figure out how to keep the house clean.

Little J's bottom eye teeth keep creeping up and up and his top ones busted through the gums earlier this month. I had to take his necklace off recently because he dribbles milk and water and it stays wet and irritates his skin. Too bad because it looks so cute on him.

We stopped taking him to gymnastics after another gong show class. The kid loves doing the activities but he does not like being told what to do and waiting for the kids in front of him. If only we could take him to the gym and let him run and jump and climb on his own time. We'll try him again when he's a bit older.

Now that it's summer we've been outside lots and lots. Little J loves running around, chasing bubbles, using the neighbour's slide and tunnel and playing with the assorted balls we have. We got him a little slide and a work bench, both used. J found a great play structure (the idea was that going outside to play in the backyard would be easier for me during the day than taking the kids to the park) but the person sold it to someone else so J bought a brand new huge one. It's set up in the backyard and Little J loves it. So does his friend Little A. We also have an electric car that J's grandfather found. Little J and Little A love getting in and being pushed around the yard.

Because we're outside so often, we've gotten to know the neighbours better. It's so nice having people our age right next door. Little J loves Little A and loves the toys the twins next door have.

He also loves to offer whatever he's eating or drinking to everyone around him. "Want some?" he'll ask. He doesn't exclude things either, often asking Dora if she wants some milk or trying to give his bear a Crispy Mini. Such a kind boy.

Little J has been really testing us this month. He's been hitting and throwing his toys and food, throwing tantrums all over the place and, most recently, bitting and head butting. He isn't always gentle with his little sister and gets lots of time outs. We try to reason with him and explain why he can't do whatever-he-wants-at-the-time but it doesn't always work.

We went to the National Defense Family Appreciation Day last weekend. Little J got to see planes and trucks and tanks and a boat. He got to go down a huge slide with his dad and crawl through a tunnel. The best thing though was the petting zoo with a sheep, a llama, pigs and bunnies. He was so happy to pet the animals and yell their sounds at them. He was really gentle when the man held the bunny out for him to pet. He liked it so much I'm planning on taking him to the Agriculture Museum where he'll get to see all sorts of animals.

This month was incredible for the number of new words Little J can say. He had a language explosion and comes out with multiple new words every day. He also constantly points and identifies things and is always talking. He goes through all the people he knows: "Dada? Fara? Papa? Mimi? Sandy? Abby?" He loves pointing us out in pictures and knows his own name now.

The other new thing he does is yell out BUS! or PLANE! when he sees one go by. The street right behind our house is a bus route and the airport is less than 5km away so we see a LOT of buses and planes. He also points out birds flying overhead and bees and mosquitoes (all called bees). When he's talking to someone on the phone, which he asks to do all the time, he takes the phone around and shows them everything... Car! Block! Sandy! Dora! Truck! Crayon! I can imagine this is quite annoying for whoever it is on the phone (sorry family!)

Little J was hardly sick this month and seems to be eating a lot better. Figuring out a routine at home has helped too and having set meal times allows him to know what's coming so eating hasn't been as much of a battle. He still drinks a lot of milk and we're not quite sure how we're going to curb it or break him of using a bottle.

I think some jealousy is starting to surface and Little J needs to be constantly reminded to be gentle with his sister. He pushes on her, hits her and head butts her. Poor Baby K is going to be one tough little girl.

I just weighed him the other day (him on the scale by himself and [me+him - justme]) and found out that he's 25 pounds now. Makes sense that he would have gained a little bit of weight in the last month. He is still wearing size 4 diapers, size 5 at night. He wears mostly 2T clothing (I think the T stands for toddler) and the sandals we just bought him are size 7.

Even though all the boundary testing is tough, I'm looking forward to the summer home with my little man.

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  1. Glad to hear you're adjusting to having the two kids at home. I am jealous of your backyard and playstructure! I know it's mean mummyish of my but I hate taking the kids to the playground...even though it's across the street! I do it but I don't enjoy it!