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Monday, May 2, 2011


We enrolled Baby J in gymnastics. We were excited, hoping our little man would have fun and run around and tire himself out. So I called and got him in the 18 month - 3 year class on Sunday mornings. J was taking Baby J to random stores Sunday mornings anyway, this was a great alternative.

Until two Sunday mornings ago when he had his first class.

Baby K and I weren't able to go. The boys got home earlier than expected and I eagerly asked J how it went, expecting a fast-paced recap of all the fun they had. Instead I got a dejected report of how long Baby J cried and how he wouldn't let J put him down and how they had to leave early. I was so surprised and felt bad for signing them up.

Last week was Easter so there was no class. We felt a mix of disappointment and relief. Sunday came again. We were excited but worried.

We had nothing to worry about. This week's class went well. Baby J was a little clingy at first but then had a great time hanging and jumping and balancing and rolling. And Baby K and I had a great time making friends while we watched the boys.

I'm glad Baby J is doing gymnastics. I was such a proud momma watching him bounce on the huge crash mat, flying into J's arms and giggling.

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  1. Glad he's warmed up to it! I am sure he'll love running around getting all his energy out.