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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting to know me

It's Sunday again. Tomorrow is a holiday so it feels more like Saturday. Not that my weekends are all that exciting these days... it does mean that J is home though.

Right! Time for MannLand5's Getting to know YOU.

1. What's your favourite rainy day activity?

My life is pretty repetitive this days and doesn't change much if it's raining. Little J does like splashing in puddles though....

2. What time do you go to bed?

Most nights I'm in bed as soon as my baby girl falls asleep (between 8:30 and 9:30pm), but if I've managed a nap then I'll stay up a little later.

3. How many magazines do you subscribe to?

Two: Reader's Digest and Today's Parent. Oh, I also get my university's alumni magazine that I never read.

4. Did you sell all your belongings because you thought the world was ending yesterday?

No! I can't believe people would believe something so silly (putting it mildly).

5. What's your beauty obsession?

I wouldn't say that I have a beauty obsession. Or any obsession for that matter.

6. If you could wear only one designer/brand for the rest of your life... what would it be?

A few years ago I would have said Old Navy, but I'm not so fond of their clothes now. And since I don't buy clothes very often I have yet to find my next go-to store.

7. What's your summer must have?

Sandals, skirts, sunglasses. And sunscreen though I hate the feel of it.

8. Do you make weekly dinner menus?

We have and those weeks are awesome but we can never do it again the next week. Cooking is such a chore. If I could find someone to do it for me then I'd be a very happy girl.

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