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Monday, May 16, 2011


We finally caved and bought a second baby monitor. You know what it means to me: freedom.

Baby K has started sleeping for longer stretches. At night she's still in our room but a late afternoon nap allows me to do things, to leave her and not be stuck sitting in one place. It's nice.

The other night she slept so well and therefore so did I. So the next night, when she went to sleep, I wasn't desperately tired, so I crept downstairs. Little J was asleep and J was out. I sat at the computer by myself, listening to the silence.

I took the opportunity to catch up on sorting pictures and my intention was to write a blog post but blogger wasn't cooperating. Instead I just sat.

_MG_3562.CR2 (Medium)

Monitors monitoring my babies so I can sit.

On the left is our awesome Safety 1st monitor that has been listening to Little J since he was born. It's been to friends' houses and to the cottage and even to Halifax. It survived all this traveling and even a dip in the lake.

For Baby K we decided to get a different brand so it would be easier to tell which baby is crying. It's a Vtech but still the same digital technology that I would really recommend in a monitor. There is no interference and the sound quality is good. We haven't used it much yet but I'm sure it'll be just as good as it's water-loving counterpart.

And if it lets me enjoy some time alone, I'm all for it.

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