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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cloth diapering

I only mentioned quickly that we were looking into cloth diapering. Last month I realized why it was so overwhelming to me and what would make it less so. Other than being a completely foreign concept, I kept thinking that if you cloth diaper, you can't use disposables. I'm not sure why but that's what I thought.

I didn't like the idea of the extra laundry, dealing with solids, not to mention how to travel with cloth diapers. It all seemed like a lot of work.

I had so many questions so I started asking around and starting reading. It isn't as simple as disposable vs. cloth. Just like with disposable diapers, there are many different brands and types of cloth diapers. And unfortunately there's no way of knowing what will work for you and your baby, what you'll like, without trying them out. That's an expensive proposition.

Except when you can do a trial where you get to try out all sorts of different types of cloth diapers. So that's what we did. We did a two-week trial and got to try about a dozen different diapers. I won't get into the details, but basically there are different ways of cloth diapering, from very basic to very elaborate, basically like disposables to nothing like them. What works for one baby might not work for another. Baby K is long and skinny so all-in-ones (the closest to disposables) are very bulky on her.

Because of her being sick and me being sick we ended up trying the diapers for only two days of the two weeks we had them. It's okay though, we got a good idea from those two days. I love the idea of all-in-ones, but like I said, I found them really bulky on my little baby.

The same day the trial pack was due back I bought our first cloth diapers. I went with prefolds and covers. This is a very basic diapering system (that's what they call the different types of diapers) with two pieces. A flat cotton diaper (prefold) that you fold around the baby and a waterproof cover.

Before you can use cloth diapers, they have to be prepped. They have to be washed a number of times to get out the natural oils from the fabric so they will absorb liquids. It took a few days, but we're finally ready to start cloth diapering. I went to YouTube to see different ways of folding the diapers and slapped one on Baby K right after a poop (hopefully she won't poop again for a while).

The diapers are very plain, beige coloured cotton, but the covers are fun and bright. I got three covers to start off: a bright blue one, a purple one and a white one with flowers. Like diapers, there are different types of covers so all three are different and we will see which we prefer before getting more.

The downside of prefolds and covers is that they are sized so they won't fit Baby K forever. In my mind, especially if she grows slowly like Baby J, she'll be in them for a long time so it's worth having to get bigger diapers in the future to not have to deal with all the bulk of the other type of diapers.

Cloth diapering is an adventure and I'm looking forward to really getting on board and seeing our house put out less garbage every week, knowing that we're making a small difference. I'm also looking forward to embracing my girly side with some fun and cute diaper covers.

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