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Friday, May 27, 2011

Catching up

It's the end of the second week with both Little J and Baby K home with me. I'm proud that every day is a little better than the one before. Last Monday and Tuesday were awful, Wednesday and Thursday were better and since then it's been pretty good. I've been trying real hard to keep Little J on the schedule he was used to at daycare and that seems to be helping.

Poor Baby K though. She's having a hard time sleeping with Little J around. He is loud and rough and loves her so much so he's constantly coming over and hugging her and kissing her. Sometimes he throws things and they land on her or he shrieks and makes her cry. The flip side to her not sleeping much during the day is that when he naps she konks right out letting me have some time to myself or even a decent nap. And at night, she's started sleeping big long chunks. I'm talking ten hours waking up only once to eat. It's only been two nights like that but it's heaven.

We're figuring it out and slowly starting to do more than just get through each day. Today we went to a drop-in playgroup at the local community center. It's raining and I was hoping it would be a good opportunity for Little J to run around and interact with other little kids. The gym was full of toys set up at different stations (blocks at one, dolls at another, a slide, a play kitchen.. you get the idea). At first Little J was pretty shy but he got over it and went around all over the place, checking out all the toys. At the end they do circle time - singing songs and dancing in a circle. Little J was not interested in sitting in one place so he ran and ran and ran. Eventually he'll play along.

The kid does not like to be told what to do and that leads to a lot of tantrums during the day and a complete horrible mess of gymnastics. It's too bad because he's a good kid but very head strong. Because of this we've decided to stop taking him to gymnastics. He just isn't worth the battle between him and J for that hour. If he could just run around the gym and climb and jump and swing he would be fine, but having to follow instructions and wait while other kids do the activities is too much for my little man. Sad but true.

And that's that. Have a great weekend!

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