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Monday, May 9, 2011

20 months

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This was one of the easiest times we've had taking Little J's picture for his month-iversary. We asked him to sit on the couch and hold his bear and smile. And he did. Such a beautiful thing, that we can talk to and reason with our toddler. He doesn't always listen but he almost always understands.


Little J's bottom eye teeth finally broke through the gums. He had a hard time with it and that prompted me to get him an amber teething necklace. When it warms up against the skin it's supposed to release a natural pain killer (Google it) and help with teething. Hard to tell if it's working, but even if it doesn't, it looks cute on him. He didn't like it at first but now he wears it all the time and I can't tell you how many people have commented on it and asked about it.

Little J now asks to have a bath after dinner (and sometimes at random times during the day) and asks to brush his teeth. Eventually I'm hoping he'll ask to use the toilet. How nice would that be?

He has been hitting a lot lately and getting time outs all the time at daycare and at home. Fingers crossed it's just a phase that he'll grow out of soon.

He started gymnastics this month. After a disastrous first class, the second and third classes went well. He loves to run and jump, walk on the balance beam and on the crash mats. He jumps into his dad's arms and hangs from the bars. It was a great idea getting him into gymnastics.

The kid's hair grows really quickly so he had to have a major hair cut this month. After being tickled by the scissors initially, he was a trooper and sat calmly through the cut. He looks more and more like a little boy.

He made so many Easter crafts and a card for me for Mother's Day. But he'd much rather be playing outside. He loves to play with the neighbour kids and with their toys. He also loves to walk the stroller around the driveway and the garage.


This month was even bigger for the number of new words Little J can say. And he's started saying two and three words together. He also made up names for his grandparents even though he can say the words GRANDMA and GRANDPA.
- BOOTS, SORRY, PAPA for grandpa, DOOR, OPEN, ALLDONE, COAT, MAX (my parent's dog), GREEN, BABY, FULL, RHYS, MICKEY, GONE, ROCK, {all the kids' names at daycare}, FLOOR, BLANKET, MICKEYMOUSE, BEAR, BEKET for blanket, ABRE (open in Spanish, thanks Dora), WITCH, LOOK, WHAT, DARK, COUCH, MISS, MESS, TRUCK, GATE, MIMI for grandma
- points to the letter T


Little J wasn't as sick this month as last but he still isn't eating so well. Some days he chows down on whatever we give him but most days he eats only pasta or only crackers or only whatever. Strawberries are the only food he always wants and will always eat. Except at daycare where he eats whatever she feeds him.


We left Little J home when we went to a wedding. His grandparents and aunt stayed with. Think he'd miss us? Nope, but he did ask for his sister (BAYBEE!) over and over. He always tries to giver her his milk and wants to pat her tummy and touch her face. He's still learning how to be gentle.


After Little J's 18-month appointment fiasco I don't want to ever have to take him to see the doctor again, but no such luck. He needs his shots. I'm going to make sure J is available. Despite the kicking and screaming, literally, we were able to find out that he weighs 24 pounds 4 ounces and is 33.5 inches tall. He has been consistently tall and skinny according to the growth charts. (Doing the math quickly...) Little J has just tripled his birth weight.

Only four more months until my little man turns 2. Two!

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  1. Karington only just trippled her birth weight a few months ago and she's 2.5. Clara has already just about surpassed her big sister at 9.5 months! Funny how every kid is different. Funny too how well kids eat for someone else who isn't their parents! He looks so cute with his teddy!