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Monday, April 4, 2011

The wrap

Baby wearing is supposed to be really easy and good and lovely. On the recommendation of a friend, J and I registered for a carrier before Baby J was born. We have the Infantino Triple Comfort Rider and like it. I would say we love it but there are things about it that I don't like, mainly the fact that it can't be adjusted tight enough.

Carriers like that aren't great for small babies though so I started asking around about wraps and slings. I got lots of recommendations and some friends even offered to lend me theirs. Finding time to see said friends hasn't happened yet.

I heard great things about the Moby Wrap and started to look for a used one. Only a few days into my search, SJ gifted me a brand new Sleepy Wrap, which is essentially the same thing.

We decided to go outside Sunday morning so I got the wrap on and got Baby K snuggled in. She was crying by the time I figured it out, but was asleep in minutes and slept for a long time. It was so nice and I could hardly feel her weight.

IMG_2997 - Copy

The ability to have her near me and safe while still being able to use both hands will really come in handy. More on that in another post.

Do you use some sort of baby carrier, wrap or sling? What's your favourite?

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  1. I've always just had a snuggly of some sort but have found them hard on my back