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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Okay and Horrible

I had the pleasure of taking both kids to the doctor this week. I made their appointments on different days because I don't think either of them would have liked a super long, double appointment, especially with shots scheduled for both.

Tuesday I took Baby K there by myself. Not a big deal. She's small and portable. My doctor is great at getting us appointments quickly but we almost always have a pretty long wait. I'm fine with it because I know that's how it goes and I expect it. Annoyingly I had to feed her in the waiting room. Not a big deal if she was bottle-fed, but I had to breastfeed her without the usual comforts - sitting on my bed or a couch, her propped on a nursing pillow, water and laptop within reach. It happened but it wasn't pretty. I tried to act like I did it all the time and hoped people weren't staring.

The appointment wasn't terrible. Baby K is too young to be scared but she did cry a few times, like when the doctor measured her head, when she was put on her stomach, when she had her hips checked and when she was weighed. Because of her cold, she didn't get her shots but I expect she would have cried then too.

Good news is that she's healthy other than her cold. She's a little over 10 pounds (only 2 ounces more than her appointment two weeks ago) and almost 23 inches long. The doctor is scheduling an ultrasound to check her hips because she isn't convinced there's nothing wrong. Just like the midwives, she could feel something off in Baby K's left hip. I'm not worried, but it will be nice to have the ultrasound and know for sure.

Today was Baby J's 18-month check-up and shots. J's dad came with me because I was expecting to need help and J didn't feel right booking time off his first week back. Baby J doesn't like the doctor. I don't blame him. Every time he's been he gets poked and prodded and then gets needles. We packed ourselves in the car with Baby K and went and picked up Baby J from daycare. They were just starting lunch so he hadn't eaten yet. Bad timing. I was smart and packed a bottle of milk, his water and some snacks.

Baby J was fine in the waiting room, a little clingy at first but then happily looking at his baby sister, going between me and his grandpa and reading a book. He was fine when we got into the exam room, playing with the play kitchen and happily drinking and eating cheerios. He was not fine as soon as the doctor walked in.

We had been waiting a while so I was feeding Baby K and Poppa (as Baby J likes to call him) was watching Baby J. We switched because I knew it was going to be bad. And it was. I scooped up Baby J and gave him his milk. The doctor went to measure his head, he thrashed everywhere. She went to look at his eyes and in his ears, he thrashed and screamed. I went to put him on the table so she could measure his height, he wouldn't let go of me. I had to pin him down at the hips and chest while he screamed and turned red. Getting him to sit on the baby scale was near impossible so his weight isn't accurate. He was in my arms screaming and frantically waving his arms around. I had to close my eyes against the almost constant slapping.

The somewhat good news is that he didn't have to have his shots. The bad news is that he has a double ear infection and fluid in his lungs. The doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics and left the room. Baby J was back to his happy self but I was rattled.

We got him dressed and packed Baby K in her seat and went to get the prescription filled at the pharmacy downstairs. We walked around waiting for the prescription then I sat on a bench to feed Baby K. As soon as J's dad and Baby J were out of sight, I heard a faint cry "Mom-meee! Mom-meee!" and back they came. Poor whiny baby.

We finally got the prescription and got back home. Baby J was moody and obviously tired so he went to bed while I told J, who was home after coughing so bad at work his boss sent him home, all about our awful adventure. Dora and Boots have magical adventures, while me and my kids have awful ones.

And the worst part is that I have to take them both back in a few weeks for their shots. Where can I buy a baby straight jacket?

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