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Monday, April 4, 2011

Decisions decisions

I made some big decisions recently and I'm feeling good. It's such a weight off when you finally figure something out and can get on with things.

The first decision was mine alone. It was whether to play baseball this summer and I decided not to.

I've been playing for as long as I can remember.. except the last two summers because I was pregnant. It was a hard decision because I love my teammates and when I'm not playing I won't see them as often. I decided playing wasn't worth the aggravation that I always get from the league (it seems we always get lousy umps and get screwed one way or another) and this way, I can still go to some games and see my friends but I won't have to deal with the stuff I don't like.

The other decision was one made by both me and J. We had to decide whether to keep Baby J in daycare. Our options were to a) keep him in daycare full time, b) send him part time, and c) keep him home with me. There are pros and cons to each option and originally we thought part time would be the best of everything: it would be cheaper than full time, Baby J would still get to see his friends, and we would keep his spot for when I go back to work in January. Our provider doesn't do full time so to do part time we would have to keep him with her and pay full time or find someone to take him part time. Pros and cons to both those options as well.

After thinking about it for a long time we actually chose to keep him home full time. At first the idea of having him home with me and Baby K was overwhelming. It still is sometimes, but it's also pretty exciting, and really, I should be able to look after my kids myself. Lots of people do it and it will save us money and should be fun.

So Baby J will be home with me full time starting mid-May. J and I have ideas to make it easier and we're lucky having family and friends close by who can help if we need them. I will definitely be savouring these next 2 weeks while J is still off work and then the month after that when it's just me and Baby K home. Mid-May my life will become a little more hectic.

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