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Monday, April 11, 2011

19 months

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Baby J started off the month really sick. He got healthy just to get sick again, but this time with puking. It feels like he spent more time this past month at home than at daycare. Because of that, he hasn't been to the doctor for his 18-month appointment yet so I'm still not sure exactly what he weighs or how tall he is. All I know is that he's growing out of another pair of pants every day.

- Baby J's bottom eye teeth have been right under the gums this whole month but still haven't poked through.
- He has no problem reaching things on counters which has made us expand our baby proofing.
- He now plays with J's DS. He can open and close it and knows which way to hold it.
- We got him new shoes which he loves and his aunt SJ got him super cute rubber boots. He often asks to wear his shoes and his boots.
- He loves splashing in puddles.
- He can identify all the characters in Dora and all the animals in Brown Bear book. He can also pick out whatever book you ask him for.
- He hates having dirty hands and will hold out his hands for you to wipe them and say HANDS
- Thanks to his everlasting runny nose, he's learned how to blow his nose but half the time he breaths in instead of blowing.
- He loves the camera and will ham it up for a picture. J also let him use the camera so he walks around like a little photog.
- Some new shows this month since we got so sick of Dora: Caillou, Sesame Street and some movies.
- He can identify buses and firetrucks (both pass by behind our house) and says BUS or makes a firetruck noise.
- He loves playing outside.. bubbles, chalk, his red truck, toys that belong to the neighbour kids, balls.
- He calls for our neighbour Abby.
- Normally getting Tylenol or Advil into him is a big deal but J was able to give him drugs easily after explaining that medicine would make him feel better. Incredible.

This past month has been incredible for the amount of new words Baby J can say. Every day is something new. His communication and understanding are getting better too.
- JU for juice, TRAY, SANDY (our cat), BABY, CHEERIO, POOP, ELMO, SARAH, ABBY, PLEASE, THANKYOU, MUH or MUCK for milk, SHOOS for shoes, GOODNIGHT, STRAWBERRY, HELP, CAT, PHONE, firetruck noises, GRANDMA, GRANDPA, CUPCAKE, BOOK, MOMMY, CLICK, HELP, POOF when he takes his hat off, OUTSIDE, TICKA-TICKA when he wants to be tickled, PANTS, CHIN, GOODBOOK after finishing a book, BOOK, CAR, SHHH with a finger on his nose, TRUCK, FORK, ME and points to himself, {his sister's name}, MY TURN, MORNING, NIGHTNIGHT

Being sick really affected how much Baby J was eating. More specifically, the amount of solid food went down and his milk consumption went up. Some days he survived on milk alone and some meals he ate only goldfish. He still loves strawberries and asks at the beginning of each meal for cupcakes. Thankfully he's tricked by chocolate bran muffins.

Baby J still absolutely loves his baby sister. He hugs her but then shoves her away. He's learning that she doesn't want goldfish or cereal and that he has to be quiet when she's sleeping.

I will have Baby J's actual weight and height after his appointment next week. He has grown out of almost all of his 12-18 month stuff and even some 18-24 month stuff. He is wearing size 6 shoes and size 4 diapers, 5s at night.

Obviously the biggest thing this past month was the leaps and bounds Baby J took with his vocabulary and communication. Every day we look forward to what he's going to come out with next.

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  1. Oh, how I adore that photo! He looks like such a little ham :)