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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SJ to the rescue

I was woken up Monday morning by the phone ringing. We had just had a rough night - J couldn't sleep, Baby J was up a few times, and Baby K was up more often than usual. The ringing phone was not a pleasant sound.

Even less pleasant was the message left by our daycare provider: Come get Baby J. He's puking everywhere.

Five minutes later, another message: He puked again. When are you coming?

Even though J didn't sleep well he had gone to the gym after dropping Baby J off at daycare. I was at home, without a car, with a sleeping baby who would be up any minute to eat. And it was minus 18 outside with the windchill. I said I'd be there when I could.

Baby K took a long time to eat and I didn't want to rush her after the horrible night we had. J got home and, after asking him about his workout, I broke the news that he had to get Baby J and that his plans for napping were shot. When he was gone, I sent a desperate email to his sister SJ asking her to please come over. And she did.

The girl came over and saved the day. She got Baby K to sleep, Baby J went down for his nap and J and I collapsed into bed. It was a really good nap and without it I don't know how we would have managed. SJ literally saved the day.

Our house is still sick but Baby J hasn't puked since Monday morning at daycare and with the humidifier going and some long, hot steamy showers, Baby K's breathing is a little better. Another nap today for me and I'm feeling okay and J slept better last night.

It'll be nice when we're all healthy again.

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