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Thursday, March 24, 2011


When I was still working I had a hard time getting out of the house in the morning on time. It's not necessarily that I'm not a morning person, I just really like my sleep and always chose an extra few minutes of sleep over pretty much anything else. Plus being pregnant can be really draining.

That's when I started getting the little things ready the night before. Small little tasks like putting Baby J's clothes out and putting our lunches together (in the fridge and on the counter), getting J's coffee mug and K-cup by the coffee machine, filling a bottle for Baby J. It doesn't take a lot of time to do these things, but like I said, in the morning, my time is better spent sleeping.

Now that both J and I are home and we don't have the same schedule demands - sure, Baby J has to get to daycare, but we don't have to rush immediately to work after dropping him off - I stopped doing the little things. Plus having a newborn can be really draining.

Even though a newborn doesn't need a schedule and J and I could probably eat frozen pizza every night for dinner, our little man craves routine. And attention. J has been the one picking Baby J up from daycare most days and when they get home Baby J needs lots of love. It's understandable when you go from a super loud house with lots of kids around to a not-so-loud house with only your parents and baby sister.

While we entertain Baby J and make sure Baby K isn't screaming (I'm either feeding her or she's asleep) we have to get dinner ready. The way our house is laid out, you can see the living room/dining room from the kitchen, but prepping dinner is not playing with Baby J and he'll let you know. Before Baby K was born we would tag team, one person in the kitchen one with Baby J, but now that isn't always possible and that's where the prep comes in.

Monday morning J and I sat down and thought of five dinners for this week and I made a list of ingredients for those dinners. We had most things, but still managed to need a decent grocery run to have everything for the week. After our grocery run we were set for dinners for the week and let me tell you that this week has been stress-free when it comes to dinners. I know it's only Thursday morning and we've only had three dinners so far, but I feel right saying this.

Sometime during the day, we've been prepping dinner - throwing everything in the crock pot or chopping veggies and meat - so that it's quick and easy when it comes time to actually cook the meal. This has allowed us to spend more time with Baby J when he gets home and this makes for fewer tantrums and a happier house. I really hope we can keep this up, especially when J goes back to work and our days aren't as leisurely.

The other things that are simple but make a difference are to get out Baby J's clothes for the next day, get a bottle ready for the morning and keep on top of laundry. Now if only I could figure out a way to incorporate cleaning the house into my every day life we'd be all set.


  1. A little prepping always makes for easier mornings! I hear ya on laundry and cleaning. I make sure I do a load a day (so it doesn't pile up). I put it in first thing and then fold it at night when I watch tv. I also clean the bathroom first thing and do the vacuuming once breakfast is cleaned up. I figure if I do it right away I won't be worrying about it all day! Planning meals is always so much easier...I just need to make sure I actually do it, haha!

  2. You clean the bathroom every day? Wow.

  3. I ama huge convert to the meal planning band wagon. I also put a list of meals we like up on the frigeh so when we wander home and are hungry we can see options and pick from those.

    I make my lunch the night before and we pick out our clothes the night before too. I bow at the alter of the crockpot.

    No decisions are left to my morning brain, regardless of how busy life is my lesson has been if you don't want to eat plain bread and slices of deli meat in a baggie, prep it in advance. Good on ya.