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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brother and sister

When I said that Baby J loves his baby sister, I wasn't kidding. From Day 1 he was giving her his toys, making sure she has her hat and giving her hugs and kisses.

He's really sick and has been home with us for the past two days. He's really lethargic and pathetic and spending a lot of time sitting or lying down - not what he typically does.

He has started trying to take his sister from me or J so I asked him if he wanted to hold her. He responded with an enthusiastic yes and nodded. So here they are sitting on the couch together.

We have to be careful because his hugs are crushing and he's constantly trying to touch her eyes and mouth, but we can't help but smile because he really does love her.

_MG_3026.CR2 (Medium)


  1. Best picture!

    It's funny he wants to touch her eyes and mouth. Maybe he's trying to make sure she inoculated against daycare plague and is tough and strong ;-)

    Or, I suppose it's just squishy and fun. poke poke! If I were near I'd probably have the urge to poke and squeeze too, except I'd go with cheeks and thighs over eyes and mouth.

    Yay for loving kids! Thanks for the pic!


  2. I love that picture! When my daughter was born, my son was fascinated by her belly - he'd pat it, kiss it, poke it. Our biggest thing was trying to convince him that "baby doesn't need her head covered. No, baby NOT cold. No, NO blankie for baby." Ahhh...the good old days :)