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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

18 months

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Well, my little man is a year and a half old today and completely sick. He's been pretty good at fighting off the viruses going around lately, but seems to have been knocked out by this last one. He had to be picked up early from daycare today and is coughing, snotty and super lethargic. Not his happy self. But I did enjoy lots of cuddles with him and even a chest nap. I'll take what I can get.

- Baby J's bottom right molar finally broke through. Now we're waiting on his eye teeth.
- He can identify me and J in pictures, knows which coats are ours and our water bottles.
- He started falling to his knees and I would say "And we all fall down!" Then I remembered that was part of a nursery rhyme so I sang Ring Around the Rosey. He loves it! He dances in a circle and then falls to his knees or bum. He gets up and demands you sing it again.
- He's been loving to stack things lately and will "count" when stacking blocks. It sounds like MMM-ONE, TWO over and over. And over and over.
- He got bit twice at daycare this month. Both times he hit the little boy. I'm kinda glad he's sticking up for himself and kinda glad he isn't biting, but it's not the best thing - the biting or the hitting.
- He takes his own hat off and knows how to undo the zipper on his coat. He'll also try to take off your hat and undo the zipper on your coat.
- He can kick a ball now and tries to stand on his cars. It's like he's playing with his balance.
- He just had his 4th haircut and J tried to use the clippers but Baby J was having none of that.
- He can identify all the characters from Dora and almost all farm animals.

- He now says BOX, BA for bath, CHEESE to the camera, a noise for cat and counts to 2 (MMM-ONE, TWO).
- He can make the noises for lots of animals: dogs, cats, cows, sheep, horses, snakes, ducks, dolphins.

- Baby J is an awesome big brother. He is always hugging and kissing his baby sister, giving Baby K her hat and his cars and other toys.
- He acting out a little bit at daycare, but nothing huge.
- He loves Baby K's blanket and will take it out of her car seat and carry it around, and will even take it off her.
- Thankfully he sleeps through her crying and is still sleeping through the night except the odd time he wakes up and needs a hug.

- Baby J is growing out of 12-18 month clothing but is still wearing size 4 diapers.
- He doesn't have his doctor's appointment for a couple weeks so we don't know his weight and height, but that's okay if we can put off getting him his shots for a little bit.

I feel like Baby J is able to communicate so much more this month. He's more willing to do things on his own - he'll tantrum if you try and put him in his high chair but will happily hop in if you tell him it's dinner time and ask him to get in his chair. It's amazing how much he understands and can do. He's a fun little guy, even when he's sick.


  1. Glad he's adjusting well to Baby K! And good for him for sticking up for himself...don't take the biting Baby J!! I guess now your Toddler J??

  2. I guess he is... do I change his name?