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Monday, February 28, 2011

Post-baby thoughts - day 1

There's so much to say, so much has happened and I'm quickly forgetting details as time passes. I need to start writing it all down.

Baby K's first day was quite the eventful. After her arrival early Thursday morning (February 17th), she was lucky enough to meet a lot of people. J caught her as she literally flew out of my body and that made his day. He was the first one other than me to touch her. He handed her to me because he had things to do (amazing what happens at the birth of a baby that gets taken care of when you're in a hospital). I got to hold her and lie with her and smell her newborn smell.

Then the paramedics checked her out. J's mom had arrived to help with Baby J, then J's dad got here. After a while Baby J woke up and Baby K got to meet her big brother. Baby J was pretty dozy - it was early after all - but J brought him to our room and we all sat together, my little family of 4.

Because of the all the attention our story got (man delivers own baby at home!) we really wanted my parents to meet Baby K so they came over that afternoon. Not long after two media crews came over - it sounds bigger than it was - Sun media was just one guy and CTV was a woman and her camera guy. They were all so nice and didn't stay longer than they needed to.

J's parents brought us dinner that night, not that we could eat much in our exhausted state. The midwives came over after Baby J had gone to bed.

It was one of the longest days of my life, but in the best way possible. Baby K was such a champ the entire day. Our story made the evening news and we went to bed exhausted but incredibly happy.

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