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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Birth Story of Baby K

It's been a week since Baby K was born. What a week! I'm finding it tough to get time at the computer when I'm able to type. Checking email and blogs and Facebook is one thing, but having both hands free is another. And I have to shower sometime.

I wanted to write out Baby K's birth story because it's quite the story. It's taken so long and I have other stuff to say. So without further ado, Baby K's birth story:

Baby K was born at 3:46 am on February 17th. She was 8 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches long.

I woke up on Wednesday the 16th and noticed some blood. After some Googling, I decided it was my bloody show which meant that labour would likely start in the next 2 days. The show lasted all day and I was quite pleased to know that something was happening. I had contractions here and there during the day, but nothing to get excited about. We had an appointment with the midwives that day and talked about the coming week - ultrasounds to check on baby and when I would have to be induced if needed.

We went to bed Wednesday night around 10:30pm and that's when I felt my first real contraction. J fell asleep right away and I didn't wake him because I wasn't sure this was it. I stayed in bed and breathed through the contractions until 1am Thursday morning. I had fallen asleep after one contraction and woke up in a panic with the next one so I decided to stay up. I woke J up to tell him I was having contractions, but nothing too intense, and that I was heading downstairs so I wouldn't keep him up. I didn't want him to worry and I wanted him to get his sleep. Bad idea - poor guy couldn't sleep after that!

I came back upstairs around 2am because labouring in bed on my side was the most comfortable. I was able to fully relax my body and just breathe. Since J was awake he started timing my contractions. Just after 2am my water broke and I had J page the midwives to let them know. The plan was to continue labouring at home as long as possible before meeting them at the hospital.

The contractions were not regular but coming at random intervals. I was always able to breathe through them until one particularly painful one. I hopped up on my hands and knees and complained that it wasn't fair I was having such bad back labour so early on. I was sure I would need drugs if the pain was this bad so early on. I was feeling really sorry for myself, not breathing well and so feeling a lot of pain when all of a sudden I hopped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I yelled that the baby was here and I had to push.

J grabbed the phone and dialed 911. He ran to the bathroom and half carried-half dragged me to the bed while I felt the head already half out of my body. He plunked me on the bed while the 911 operator told him to run and get towels and some string and to unlock the front door. I was howling his name and for someone to help me. Over and over and over.

It felt like baby was half way out for a long time, but only a few minutes later my body pushed her out. J grabbed her with a towel and gave her to me. Minutes later there were paramedics in our room and baby was crying. I was sitting in bed, holding her to my chest, in shock. I seriously couldn't believe what had just happened. I went from the early stages of labouring to having a baby in my arms. We did it by ourselves. My body birthed a baby without me having to push. It was incredible.

The paramedics checked the baby and me and decided we were both doing well. DH got to cut the cord. There was lots going on with people coming and going but all I really remember is lying with my baby, an oxygen mask close to our faces, unable to hear when the paramedics asked me questions. They talked about getting me dressed so we could go to the hospital because the placenta hadn't delivered yet, but J spoke to the midwife who agreed to meet us at home instead. It was nice knowing my baby was fine and we didn't have to go anywhere.

About 20 minutes later our midwife and student midwife arrived. They took over care for me and the baby. I was given a shot of pitocin to help deliver the placenta and got help getting baby latched.

The craziness was dying down. Baby J woke up after somehow sleeping through all the chaos. J brought him in to meet his baby sister. The 4 of us sat together on the bed.

I had a 2nd degree tear that had to be stitched so J took the baby and Baby J downstairs. Baby J kept trying to give his toy cars to the baby. So cute! After I was sewn up, I had a shower and got dressed and was able to go see my baby.

The midwives stayed to clean up our room and do all the paperwork. They left around 9am after helping get the baby to latch again with the promise they'd be back that evening.

Not long after they left we got a call saying our story had been on the radio. Apparently the paramedics contact the media with general information when things like this happen. There was a big response to our story and we were asked if we'd like to speak with the media. We thought about it and decided that it was our chance so we did. The generic story turned into one with all sorts of details including videos of us. It was a whirlwind but so much fun and such a fun story to tell our daughter when she's older.

Things have settled down now and we're quite happy. We're definitely planning a home birth if there's a third!

(Baby J's birth story)


  1. J is my Hero. Great story to tell Baby K when she's older!

  2. wow that is quite the birth story! I always thought a home birth would be neat (other than not being able to get an epidural!), but I think I'd want to have planned it! Good for you guys, what troopers!

  3. Wow, how exciting! I had a home birth 5 weeks ago for my 2nd child and my labour was quick, but not this quick. What a story! Happy to hear everything turned out great :) Sounds like plans for a home birth next time is a good idea ;)