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Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby K's first week

When Baby J was born J and I were complete zombies for weeks. We barely slept, we hardly saw each other and we were thrilled when left the house - our first trip was a walk to the mailbox when Baby J was a few days old and we were SO proud of ourselves.

I was wondering how we were going to survive that kind of exhaustion again, but this time with Baby J running around. I was hoping his need of routine and a schedule would help us get back on our feet after Baby K was born.

What I never considered was the idea that it would be so completely different, that I wouldn't have an exhausting labour and delivery, that I would feel fantastic pretty much right after the birth, that things could be easy. Life with a newborn is never easy, but it really hasn't been that bad.

We did so much in Baby K's first week. As new parents to Baby J, we never would have imagined all the things we could do. Baby K was born early on a Thursday morning and J went into work hours later to do his leave paperwork that he had planned on finishing that morning and I've already written about all the craziness that was Baby K's birthday. The next day I went by myself to pick up Baby J from daycare. The girls were amazed that I was so mobile, hopping over the baby gate in the front hall and picking up Baby J like it was nothing. I'm telling you, I felt awesome.

Some other things that I'm proud of are packing up the kids (the car feels so much more full with two babies in the backseat) and going out for breakfast when Baby K was 4 days old AND breastfeeding her successfully at the restaurant, going to a retirement party and successfully breastfeeding again on day 6 and bringing her to pick up Baby J from daycare that same day.

I really feel like we hit the ground running and haven't let having another baby really stop us. Obviously life has changed, but life is good. We couldn't have done it all without our family and friends though. So many people came over and helped with Baby J on the weekend or brought us food. J was looking at our budget and happily reported that we are way under budget this month for groceries. No kidding, we only had to prepare one meal in Baby K's first week. Support like that is invaluable and I know for sure what I will be getting for all my friends who have babies: food.

Baby K's first week was not a blur like it was when Baby J was born. Some things are better the second time around.

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  1. That's wonderful! I felt the same way after Karington was born. When I got back from the hospital I cleaned our place and took her into my work to show her off. I felt great! After Clara it was harder but that makes sense being as she was my third. So glad you had meals brought to you..I was thinking that I wished I was closer to bring you a meal. I had a week of meals brought after Kar and Clara and it made a huge difference!