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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

9 months

How far along are you: 9 months. I didn't think I would make it this far. So much for 'mother's intuition'.

Recent appointments: I've been having appointments weekly. The only news is that my uterus has stopped increasing in size - it should grow about 1 centimeter a week - so they sent me for an ultrasound. Same thing happened last time and I was pretty freaked out, but this time I knew it would be okay and it was a nice excuse to see the baby again. Not that you can really see much because everything is so squished in there, but we did get confirmation that it's a girl!

Total weight gain: 26 pounds at 39 weeks. Almost the exact same as I weighed at this point last pregnancy - neat!

New symptoms: Nothing new. I'm feeling pretty good these days.

Best moment this month: I had a bunch of good things happen this month. We did a photoshoot with our friend A, I had my 30th birthday, I finished up at work, I met up with some women who are also expecting this month, I went for a pedicure, and I went for dessert with some girl friends. I've also finally packed a bag for the baby, figured out what to do with my placenta (an up-coming post about that for sure), and have started to pack my bag. I'm slowly getting other things that I want / we need - a thicker blanket that isn't blue, a wooden letter for her room like Baby J has, and her name figured out.

Food cravings / aversions: Nothing serious except I really have to have a Pepsi every afternoon.

Belly button in or out: Oh man, it's not as sticky-outy as it could be but it's definitely out there.

What do you miss: My abs. Now that I get up often during the night to pee, it would be really great to not have to roll myself out of bed and just get up like a normal person.

What are you looking forward to: As if this is even a question... having the baby!


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  1. You look awesome! I'm really excited to hear the name you chose and see a pic of the little one when she comes. February is such an awesome month, winter babies are the cooooolest.

    I wish that pregnancu could be achieved without that whole bellybutton thing, can you feel it on your shirts? oh my god I don't think I could take it.

    Go baby girl!!!!

  2. you look great! I was lucky and never had my belly button stick out...it sort of just went flat. So excited to see the new addition and hear what her name is! Good luck with everything