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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

17 months

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Baby J is 17 months old today. There have definitely been some changes in the last month but nothing major.

Baby J started saying all sorts of new words this month. YEAH, MOM, MOO, BAA, MINE, SSSS for a snake sound, UP, BA for ball. And he makes a weird noise when trying to oink.

- for a while, Baby J would cry when being dropped off at daycare but thankfully that didn't last
- he loves sledding in the snow and will drag his hand to get some snow on his mitt so he can eat it
- he "whistles" which is basically him making high-pitched sounds, he screams, he chirps for food which we call "baby birding" for food, he growls, he points
- he jumps and lands on his bum
- he just started making a new face, a kissy/rock-n-roll face
- his bottom left molar broke through but the bottom right molar hasn't even though I thought it would months ago
- we flipped him from rear-facing to forward-facing in his car seat
- he seems to really understand questions and answers yes or no or nods or shakes his head
- he'll hold your hand now when walking
- he's getting pretty clingy, which is bad timing
- he sits on my bump and opens his legs wide when I pick him up so that he's in the right position
- he starting flipping light switch on & off from his crib so we had to move his crib farther down the wall
- he really likes the dancing game on Kinect.. he and J dance together
- he doesn't like the baby gates anymore and cries when they're put up
- he reads to himself, kinda
- he likes to sweep and vacuum
- he got his 3rd haircut

Unfortunately Baby J is becoming more picky but he still eats so we're not concerned. He doesn't seem to drink as much milk as last month.

I'm looking forward to knowing how big my little man is but I have to wait until next month when we take him to the doctors. I've had to put away a lot of his clothing recently so I know he's getting tall and he definitely feels heavy but that could be me and my wimpy, hugely pregnant self.

I have to say that, other than the tantrums, I'm really enjoying this age. It's so nice that Baby J is communicating more and he's fun to have around, dancing and whistling and playing.

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  1. He's a cutie! Oh the joys of tantrums...K is a pro at those!