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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goings on

I thought I'd write a quick post about what's been going on lately. Lately, as in for the past 3 weeks, we haven't had regular internet access at home, and that had a significant impact on the goings on in our house.

Gone were the mornings of Dora episodes for Baby J, watching tv shows at night, checking email leisurely, uploading pictures... suddenly we had all this time on our hands. And boy, did we ever make good use of it!

I don't know if it was the new year or the fact that this new baby needs its own space, but J and I jumped into gear and got new Baby's room emptied out, went through all the stuff that came out of it, and also went through a lot of the stuff that was sitting in the basement. You know, the boxes that have been there, unopened, since we moved in 4 years ago. That stuff.

We have bags of garbage, piles and piles of cardboard for recycling, boxes of things to donate, things for a garage sale this spring... the rest of the stuff is more organized. We're not done, not by any means, but we're so much closer.

Like I said in Baby J's 16 month post, Baby #2's room is full of only baby stuff and therefore not off-limits anymore to Baby J. This is a constant source of amusement for Baby J when allowed to play upstairs (i.e. every night before bed). He runs into and out of that room, grabs toys that I put away thinking they were too young for him, whines to be put in the new crib so he can jump and jump, says BYE! when closing himself in the room and us out. He runs between new Baby's room, his room, the bathroom and our room, arms swinging wildly, little feet making his course anything but straight.

The sleepier her gets, the more likely he is to trip on his own feet or run into a wall. He'll run between me and J, giving us hugs and kisses until he's so tired he runs to his room, climbs up on the bed and gets his last bottle of the day, in the dark on his dad's lap. A quick kiss on the forehead for my boys and my day of parenting is done.

And now with the internet streaming into our little house, I can leisurely check my email and my feeds, check facebook and twitter and do whatever else. Eventually I'll get to those pesky December pictures - sharing and printing - just in time for January to be over.

At least with the end of January comes the end of my working days. Imagine being off work, waiting for baby, with a house relatively organized and clean, a little boy happily playing with his friends at daycare. All I'll have to do is eat and grow bigger. That I can do.

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