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Monday, January 10, 2011

16 months

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I think I'm going to do this update in point form because there really isn't too much that has changed in the past month with Baby J and I have limited internet access these days.

SPEAKING - Baby J is always expanding his vocabulary and is constantly chatting. He's gone from repeating sounds to more conversational chatting, though we most often can't understand what he's saying.

He says: NO, NO for nose, MAMA, DADA, WORA for Dora, HI, BUH-BYE, DEE for counting and pointing, DIE for "I'm going to jump/dive", CHEE for cheese.

ACTIVITIES / NEW THINGS - This was a big month for new things and exciting with Christmas and having all sorts of family around. These are the new things he's doing:

- hugging and kissing
- waving and blowing kisses
- addicted to Dora and missing her while we're light on internet
- colouring at home
- loves playing cars
- gets on the piano bench, opens and turns on piano
- really liked opening presents at Christmas
- will have you read the same book over and over and over
- throwing tantrums pretty badly these days

EATING - No big changes here. We have days where all he eats it seems is goldfish crackers and others that he eats more than I do. He finished off the last of the formula and is now completely on homo milk. He still hands over bottle and food when done.

FIRSTS - Baby J got his first nose bleed after a face plant into the stairs and I bought him his first size 2T clothing.

Baby J doesn't have another appointment with the doctor until he's 18 months old so I'm not sure exactly how much he weighs but I do know that he's grown taller because he's growing out of clothing all the time and can now fully reach door knobs. Thankfully he still doesn't know how to turn them.

We've finally emptied out Baby #2's room so he's allowed in there now. He loved jumping and playing in the new crib and constantly runs in and out of that room. We also opened up the finished basement completely because the little bugger could jump the couch and be half way up the stairs before you even realized he wasn't playing with his blocks anymore.

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  1. He's getting so big! He sounds like he has the same eating habits as K...I never know what she's going to actually eat